Title Insurance

Title Insurance

As an additional service to our clients we offer Title Insurance through Stewart Title.  We do not receive any form of commission or payment from Stewart Title when referring our clients.

Title insurance provides property owners with protection against unknown risks and is a valuable tool to manage these risks.

Cover is provided for a broad range of risks including:

  1. Illegal Building Work
  2. Unapproved alterations
  3. Survey/Boundary Defects
  4. Registration Gap
  5. Fraud, Forgery & Identity Theft
  6. Planning & Title Defects
  7. Outstanding Rates, Taxes & Strata Levies.

Premiums are paid as a once off payment and provide protection for as long as you remain the registered proprietor of the property.  Premiums are surprisingly affordable.

Whilst it makes sense to take out insurance at the time of purchasing a property, Stewart Title offers title insurance to existing owners too.  Policies include: residential, residential strata and commercial.

For more information please contact our friendly and professional team at Peter Speakman & Co on 9822 8611 or visit www.stewartau.com.


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