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General Law Land

 In Victoria, General Law Land (also known as Old Law Land or “NUA” Land (Not under the Act)) is land that has not been brought under the operation of the Transfer of Land Act (TLA). Since 1999 it has been compulsory to bring land under the TLA on transaction (e.g. on the sale of land). Land is brought under the TLA by an Application to Convert made to the Land Titles Office.

The existence of General Law Land often comes to light in the administration of an estate where property has been in the deceased’s family for a long time and accordingly conversion has not taken place.

For many years we have acted in relation to General Law Conversions, both freehold and possessory (Adverse Possession).

We can assist clients in making Conversion Applications. There are a number of different types of Application, including a Deed Based (Section 14) Application, a Survey Based (Section 15) Application either of freehold title or possessory title, and an Application to remove a warning as to dimensions (section 26P) Application. We can advise as to the most appropriate Application.

Land Victoria has implemented a state-wide program to convert the remaining General Law Land to TLA Land. As a result over coming years, Land Victoria will create provisional TLA Titles for all marketable parcels of General Law Land. These titles will be provisional both as to ownership and dimensions and accordingly a Conversion Application will still be necessary to facilitate the transfer of the land. We can assist in making these Applications.

In addition we can also provide advice and assistance in relation to TLA Land, including Adverse Possession Applications (section 60) and Title Boundary Amendments (section 99 and 103(2)), Easements, Restrictive Covenants and Roads.

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