Fencing Disputes


New fencing laws came into operation in September 2014; the Fences Amendment Act 2014 (Vic) (“FAA”) updated and amended the Fences Act 1968.  The main changes made by the FAA are:

  • One simplified process for all fencing and subsidiary work involving the construction of a new dividing fence or the repair of an existing dividing fence.
  • Liability for undertaking fencing works and contribution to the costs of fencing works has shifted in most cases from the occupier to the owner of the land.
  • Further guidance as to what constitutes a sufficient dividing fence.
  • Where agreement has not been reached between owners, ultimately an owner must generally give notice to an adjoining owner before commencing work even if they did not want a financial contribution to the fencing works from their neighbour.
  • Provisions as to urgent fencing works including subsequent notice requirements.
  • Broader powers to the Magistrates’ Court as to orders in dispute.
  • A process for the resolution of boundary disputes in the context of fencing works including provision for issuing a boundary survey notice.
  • Clarification of the Magistrates’ Court’s power to hear and determine adverse possession claims that arise in the context of fencing disputes.
  • Extension of the application of ‘give and take’ fences.
  • General rules as to placement of fence rails and framing.

We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice before serving a fencing notice or taking any other legal steps.

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