Month: September 2017

social media defamation

Think before you Tweet

Defamation is probably the last thing on your mind when you post a quick comment on Facebook or Twitter or post an online review – but be mindful ill-considered posts may well constitute defamatory publications. Re-tweeting a defamatory tweet or sharing a defamatory Facebook post may also constitute publication of the defamatory material so care […]
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Same sex marriage, LGBT, Just Married

Same Sex Marriage, Revisited

Same sex marriage, it’s the issue that simply won’t go away. Now that the High Court has ruled, allowing the postal ‘vote’ to go ahead, we’re inching that much closer to closure. One way or another. Though we haven’t yet reviewed the High Court’s decision (coincidentally, its site is down for maintenance), the Court’s decision […]
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Unfair Contract amended to Fair Contract

Unfair Contract Terms – A recent VCAT case

In November 2016 the protections under the unfair term provisions of the Australian Consumer Law, previously only available to consumers, were extended to apply to small businesses. In a decision handed down on 9 August 2017, Deputy President I. Lulham of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) held that the contract term in question […]
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