Month: June 2017

Stamp duty

Stamp Duty & Land Tax Changes – 1 July 2017

STAMP DUTY Spouse/Domestic partner Transfers of Real Estate From 1 July 2017, the stamp duty exemption for transfers between spouses/domestic partners will no longer apply to transfers of investment or commercial properties between spouses/domestic partners. The exemption will still apply for the transfer between spouses/domestic partners of a principal place of residence. The exemption will […]
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Piggy bank

Changes to Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding Payments

On 9 May 2017 the Federal Government announced proposed changes to the foreign resident capital gains withholding payments (FRCGW) threshold and withholding rate. These changes will apply to contracts entered into on or after 1 July 2017: for real property disposals where the contract price is $750,000 and above (previously $2 million) the FRCGW withholding tax rate will be 12.5% (previously […]
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