Family Law

Family Law

Divorce and other family law issues may be particularly frought with tension, but when you’re in the right hands even divorce does not need to be emotionally devastating.

Family law may be the most sensitive area of law, especially when children are involved.

Family law begins with the premise that the best interests of the children are of paramount importance.  This will factor heavily in any court decision.

Wherever possible, we believe it will assist all involved if the parties can work together to make arrangements as to parenting, child support/spousal maintenance, division of property and any other issues that arise between them.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients focus on their children and careers and their children having happy stable homes while maintaining a positive relationship with both parents.

There are various mechanisms through which the parties may wish to make their own arrangements outside the court system – such as Binding Financial Agreements (division of property & spousal maintenance), Parenting Plans (arrangements for children), and Child Support Agreements.  Alternatively, consent orders as to these matters can be agreed between the parties and approved by the Court.

Sometimes it may be necessary to involve the courts, but this can still be an amicable process if, to a large extent, the matters are dealt with by the consent of the parties.  You may rest assured that if all else fails, we wil represent your interests should there be disputed matters.

At Peter Speakman & Co Lawyers our firm can help individuals navigate complex and delicate matters, always working to minimise stress and strain on families.

Our family law practice areas include:

– Matrimonial Settlements & Property Disputes
– Custody arrangements
– Family Violence and Intervention Orders
– Spousal Maintanance
– Property Orders
– Binding Financial Agreements and ‘Pre-Nuptial Agreements’

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