Family Law

Family Law

Divorce and other family law issues may be particularly frought with tension, but when your in the right hands even divorce does not need to be emotionally devestating.

At Peter Speakman & Co Lawyers our firm can help individuals navigate complex and delicate matters, always working to minimise stress and strain on families.

  • Matrimonial Settlements & Property Disputes
  • Custody arrangements
  • Family Violence and Intervention Orders
  • Spousal Maintanance
  • Property Orders
  • Binding Financial Agreements and ‘Pre-Nuptial Agreements’

Know your rights when it comes to divorce.

Service of documents
Important time frames.

Speak with our experienced team about what is involved in achieving a fair matrimonial outcome.

Worried that your spouse is hiding or wasting assets?
Rest easy, our lawyers can assist you.

Worried about losing time with your children?
Are you concerned that your partner is spending time with the children?

We fight for you and ensure the best interest of the children are taken into account.

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