Business & Commercial Law

Peter Speakman & Co Pty assist clients in various business law and commercial law contexts, including:

  1. Shareholders’ agreements and unit holder agreements;
  2. Preparation and review of all types of commercial documents, including leases, contracts of sale, franchise agreements, partnership agreements and distribution agreements;
  3. Sale & purchase of businesses in a range of industries, including retail, clothing, cosmetics, health, medical and dental, fitness, automotive, food services, legal, service and IT;
  4. Provision of advice, including advice on asset protection, consumer and trade practices law, and legal compliance;
  5. Assistance with negotiations of all kinds;
  6. Resolution of company disputes between directors and shareholders; and
  7. Dispute resolution of all kinds, including litigation and alternatives, such as mediation.

Negotiation of an agreement can be a tricky process, particularly between parties that have never worked together before.

Clients will often negotiate the basic commercial terms of the agreement, ensuring those terms are favourable and meet their business requirements.  But the legal terms of the agreement are sometimes overlooked, or downplayed.  Once an agreement is reached, it may be difficult to amend the agreement if the other party is unwilling to renegotiate.

Similarly, if you are presented with an agreement document, you should seek advice before entering into the agreement.  Contact us for more information.

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