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Peter Speakman & Co practice in a wide range of areas.  We invite you to explore these areas below.


Adverse possession, boundary dispute, neighbour dispute

Adverse Possession & Boundary Disputes

Adverse Possession Almost everyone has heard the phrase ‘possession is nine tenths of the law’.  In the case of Adverse Possession, it is possible for the owner of land to lose that ownership in certain circumstances where a third party has possessed that land, adverse to the interests of the owner – hence the term […]
Business law, commercial law

Business & Commercial Law

Peter Speakman & Co Pty assist clients in various business law and commercial law contexts, including: Shareholders’ agreements and unit holder agreements; Preparation and review of all types of commercial documents, including leases, contracts of sale, franchise agreements, partnership agreements and distribution agreements; Sale & purchase of businesses in a range of industries, including retail, clothing, cosmetics, […]
Property law, conveyancing

Property Law & Conveyancing

When many people hear the term ‘property’, they think real estate.  Property law extends further than just the initial conveyance. For most, property is a big ticket item, and is the largest investment they will ever make.  So whether you are buying or selling property, it makes sense to ensure you receive proper advice before […]
Intellectual property law, IP law

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is a large, complex, and increasingly important area of law. Unlike real estate, or other tangible property, the intangible nature of Intellectual Property means that people often have difficulty grasping the concept. Copyright & Patents Adding to the conceptual difficultly is the fact that one physical item may embody several ‘layers’ of intellectual […]
Wills, probate, estate administration

Wills, Probate & Estate Administration

The death of a loved one is a traumatic experience at the best of times.  Wills are essential.  If your loved one dies without a Will, then their assets are distributed according to law, which may not accord with their wishes.  (See this article for more details.) Wills vs Powers of Attorney Many clients confuse […]
Family Law Couple

Family Law

Family law may be the most sensitive area of law, especially when children are involved. Family law begins with the premise that the best interests of the children are of paramount importance.  This will factor heavily in any court decision. Wherever possible, we believe it will assist all involved if the parties can work together […]
Information technology law, IT law

Information Technology Law

Information Technology encompasses a broad range of issues and potential matters. Often, the first and most important step is to have a carefully drafted document setting out the precise terms of the agreement between the parties. Peter Speakman & Co Pty Lawyers is able to draw agreements tailored to a wide variety of circumstances, maximising the protection of […]

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